The Most DEFINED Twist Out You will EVER HAVE!!!

I Love twist outs. They are like my signature go to style. Besides being low-maintenance, and long-lasting, they are just a simple way to have a refined look with natural hair. And after that whole fiasco with the senegalese twist >:( I needed to go back to old faithful.

Whenever I wear my twist outs everyone always seem to ask me “How you get your hair like that?”….. And while i’m think *I thought everyone knew how to plait their hair* this is so not true. But don’t worry, for those interested, Danie is here to help.

For me, a well defined twist out depending on three simple things:

1. The products you use 

2. The amount of time you allow your hair to set

3. How you pull apart and fluff your twists

So Let’s get started:

I Like to start on freshly washed, thoroughly dried hair. To keep things simple, I just section my hair off, apply my product of choice (Talilah Waajid’s curly curl cream), and begin twisting. Other good products include gels, and thick creams/styling products. When apply the product, I cover from roots to ends but really focusing on the ends. As I get to the bottom with twisting, I twist the end around my fingers to keep them from unraveling. This is how my twists look once complete:

*KEY NOTE: It doesn’t matter whether you do you twist small or large to get a defined twist out!! Just do how ever many you have the patience for.**

I then put on my satin bonnet and let my hair set over night. It’s important to allow your hair to fully dry or else the twist out will end up being very frizzy. We’re going for defined here. Also if you do chunkier twists, they may need to set alittle longer than normal.

The next day, I cover my hand with oil and being unraveling my twists at the root. Once twists are unraveled, I simply twirl each section around my finger as I pull them apart. Here is the finished product:

Alright Dolls, There you have it. A super defined twist out… I hoped this post has helped someone out there.

~~Stay Beautiful

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